Completely Transformed My Daughter

Words cannot express how thankful I am to Alpine Montessori and the whole staff/team for having completely transformed my daughter. I must say like all mothers, I went to so many schools and did tours before making that so called “important decision”. The first time I stepped into Alpine Montessori for a tour, I immediately felt that it is definitely going to be the place where I want my daughter to spend the rest of the years till kindergarten. The Director, Sarah and the entire staff are very welcoming. My daughter was a very shy kid and I was extremely worried at the time. I had tried 2 schools before Alpine Montessori for my daughter but she was never happy, always cried for me and I had to go pick her up in the middle of work and was very upset. I still remember her first day at Alpine Montessori, I was in my car waiting for the staff to call me. I was shocked and surprised (certainly pleasantly) when I saw her happily waving good bye while I went to pick her as she ran towards me and hugged me. From that day on, I have never looked back. My second daughter is going to join the school soon and I feel like Alpine Montessori is not simply a school but a “home away from home” for the kids and moms!!!! The parents are wonderful and it is a wonderful community to exchange thoughts and share concerns.

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