Elizabeth Terzić Smith

Alpine Montessori school is full of wonderful and genuine people who happen to be great teachers too! I now have two kids attending Alpine and my youngest will go there as well, I highly recommend Alpine! Here is why.

Three years ago I chose Alpine Montessori for my oldest daughter for several reasons; it has a diverse student body, the staff is warm, friendly and knowledgable, the school is in a home and is very inviting, and the classrooms are clean and well organized. Alpine also has good security and I love the Montessori system and the curriculum/program that the school has developed.

I could not be happier with my decision to send my oldest daughter to Alpine. She is now in the Kindergarten program and has grown so much over the last three years. My daughter is doing things in her class that I would not have thought possible three years ago (example: introduction to concepts such as fractions!).My daughter has loved all of her teachers at Alpine and I believe that those strong personal connections are what has allowed her to flourish so much.

The school has been very good about moving my oldest daughter around between classes when she was ready for new challenges. She has SO much fun at school and comes home completely exhausted that she’s usually asleep by 7 pm.

Alpine offers extracurricular activities (dance, music, science) which I take advantage of. This has been wonderful since driving around on the weekdays is a challenge (she has two younger sisters), I appreciate that at Alpine there are always opportunities for parents to volunteer and be involved. To sum it up, I could not be happier with our experience at Alpine. There was one moment this past fall when my daughter needed a small medical procedure and we couldn’t get her in to surgery for almost two months. Knowing that her teacher at Alpine assured me “I will take care of her as if she were my own”. I cried. I know that my daughter’s teacher meant what she said as I have seen her take care of all the kids in this manner.

The owner of Alpine is also very nice and has three kids himself (they are older) so he is very easy to talk to and is always available to parents.

Alpine is a wonderful school for my children and I hope you give it serious consideration for the educational and developmental needs of your child as well.

Yours truly,
Elizabeth Terzić Smith

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