Gough Family

Our son Aidan has attended Alpine Montessori since he was 2.5 and we have found the school to be an excellent environment for him. The school is very welcoming and allows for an easy transition to a classroom setting for a young child. All of the teachers are extremely warm and caring from the time the children enter the school to dismissal and pick-up. We found the curriculum to be well suited to our son with its mix of both practical life skills and traditional Pre-K subject matter. The school also does a great job of fostering a community environment through a myriad of events (Halloween Parade, Holiday Concert, Book Fair) oriented around the children, as well as separate events that allow the parents to build relationships as well. We always knew that our child would be in good hands with staff at Alpine Montessori, and I know that our son will always treasure the memories of his first school and classmates.

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