Justin Amador

Our son’s time at Alpine Montessori has been everything my wife and I had hoped for. The affection and attentiveness our 3 1/2 year old receives from the teaching staff is fantastic. Between the experiences he shares with us daily, and what we witness during drop-off, pick up, and school meetings, we know our son gets personal attention and love from the staff. He is never made to feel like a “pack animal” in a group setting. Two years in.. and he’s still getting daily hugs from the teachers. I also constantly see the staff on their knees to be at a child’s height when they talk with the kids. As for the academics, we’ve seen growth in his basic understanding of numbers, letters, shapes, and overall comprehension of basic life skills.. and that’s reflected at home whether at the kitchen table.. or being attentive during book readings. He talks about his “shelf work” and specialized workbooks in his classroom. He also tells us about the celebration the teaching staff gives him when he completes his workbooks. The small school environment has also been great for our son. He’s met new friends and loves going to the library and playground. In short, we could not be happier with Alpine. My wife and I are happy and feel good when we drop off our son at school each morning.. and more importantly, so is our son!

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