Tana G

I don’t even know where to begin sharing my love for Alpine: I currently have two children with two polar opposite temperaments enrolled there– my 5 year old daughter who’s been there for two years and my 3 year old son who just started this semester. My husband and I researched a lot of schools in the area. My daughter thrives on expressing herself artistically and with the teacher/student ratio there being so low, they truly tailor each child’s personal journey through the preschool years based on their own interests and gently build upon that as their foundation for learning. Her teachers, especially this year, have been phenomenal– she’s actually graduating in two weeks from Mrs. Stroman’s class and I’m literally an emotional wreck over it. There are those teachers who you look back on with such fondness and realize they shaped you for the better in one aspect or another and Mrs. Stroman has been such a champion and an encouragement for my daughter. Each teacher there is so exceptionally trained that it’s pretty impressive that Gary, the owner, managed to corral this team together because there’s not a weak link in the bunch. At school, the teachers manage each class with such grace: if you walk in during the day, there’s no one screaming or crying, the kids happily sit on their rugs for story-time, there’s polite sharing and independent activities occurring– to be honest, it’s borderline creepy how well every single kid behaves! I had a fear that my son would rock the boat and be too much for their easy going, calm vibes. He’s been in Mrs. Morelli’s class three days a week for the past few months and his behavioral transformation has been incredible to witness. Mrs. Morelli has managed to break-through and reach my son at his individual learning level by nurturing his enthusiasm for music and basic engineering while implementing numbers, shapes and working with others into his tasks. Sending two kids to a private preschool is expensive and our decision to join the Alpine family wasn’t taken lightly. I’ve never once second-guessed or questioned whether the value of our results measured comparably to our financial commitment with the school.

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