Vaishali Shah

My daughter was there only for a few months in the 2s class and we loved everything about the school. When we were first browsing schools I asked Mrs. Stroman that my daughter has separation anxiety and will cry a lot when I leave her. She gave me the reassurance that don’t worry when you come to pick her up she will be smiling and it was true. When I went to pick up my daughter she didn’t even want to leave the school. All the teachers at Alpine are amazing Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Morelli, Mrs. Recca, Mrs. Stroman, and the after care teachers. Even the schools owner Gary he is very flexible and works with you in regards to anything.
All the teachers were respectful that we are vegetarian. Mrs. Lee would always ask me before feeding my daughter anything. The level of respect that the teachers have with the students and parents is amazing. Even all the parents of other students they make you feel super welcomed. The PTA is well organized and they always are doing some kind of activity which is great to see.

My daughter has learned a lot from Alpine. We are sad to leave and did not realize we will love Alpine’s community so much. We hope to return soon. If you are thinking to put your child at Alpine Montessori don’t think twice. It is definitely one of the best Schools.

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