Zhe W

We love Alpine Montessori! Both of our children are in Alpine Montessori currently, with our older one graduating this year (if we have more children in the future, they will be in Alpine Montessori!).

The entire school, the teachers and the children/parents feel like a big family; different age groups have many interactions in addition to intra-class interactions, with everyone knowing almost everyone else. Due to this encouraging environment, children are well-socialized, and we have seen very clear advancement of their social skills over time.

The curriculum is well-designed, our children are learning things in a very methodological way, nurturing their natural talents and curiosity with steps of proper sizes (i.e. age-appropriate steps). After a period of time, it is amazing to see how much they have achieved. At the same time, many times our children do not want to leave school in the afternoon – they are having much fun at school.

These are in addition to many activities the school has offered for the children, and the parent-teacher association’s involvement with the school. Our children have been having wonderful lives at Alpine Montessori.

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