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Foster Your Child’s Natural Ability with the Montessori Method

An alternative to traditional schooling, the Montessori Method harnesses children’s natural abilities. Designed to provide a foundation for continued growth, students hone their strengths in a non-competitive environment tailored to their unique needs.

Early education is paramount to a child’s success. At Alpine, this is the basis of our commitment to your little one’s education. Suited for children aged 2 1/2 to 6, our progressive program equips and inspires children for elementary school.

Centrally located in Millburn, NJ, we encourage parents from the Short Hills and Maplewood areas to contact us to speak about enrollment.

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Why Choose Alpine Montessori?

  • Strong focus on social and emotional growth of each child
  • Robust academics delivered in a nurturing environment
  • Tenured faculty with an average of 10+ years experience
  • Low student/teacher ratio to enhance early development
  • Structured encouragement of self-paced learning
  • Long-standing reputation in the community of 25+ years
  • Versatile enrollment plans, including before/after-care
  • Accelerated Pre-K for 4 year-olds ready to enter Kindergarten

What Makes Alpine Montessori Work?

Established in 1978, Alpine Montessori of Millburn is a premier provider of exceptional early education. Our program is designed to harness each student’s strengths, with 6-7 smaller classrooms and a low teacher:student ratio. Staffed by compassionate professionals with years of experience, we provide a strong academic program and robust psychosocial foundation in a nurturing environment.

Alpine Millburn’s unique layout boasts a large community classroom where children often get together for circle time, arts and crafts, and a variety of other group activities. We also have a separate reading/library room where children are encouraged to select books based on their interests and skill level, and a colorful playground area for young minds to play during outdoor time.

The Montessori method is an excellent foundation for the continued education of young children. In addition to daily lessons in language, writing, and mathematics, interactive activities engage and boost early childhood development. Considered one of the best preschools for young minds, Alpine is frequently recommended by some of the area’s best private elementary schools.

Alpine Montessori School Millburn, NJ

Alpine School Millburn NJ

Millburn School

5 Bleeker Street
Millburn, NJ 07041
(973) 379-4710

We love Alpine and how welcoming they are to our son. Of course we wanted an academic and social environment where he could succeed but they also really care about him and have beautiful, bright classrooms. The positive environment shows and he looks forward to going to school. Can’t wait to send our daughter when she’s old enough.

Loraya Harrington

My daughter graduated from Alpine this year (June 2019). I will truly miss the staff here. The teachers are wonderful and dedicated to making sure your child is learning yet having fun while they do so. I purchased two books for my daughter from Barnes and Noble. One was a Kindergarten workbook and the other was a first grade workbook. I was planning on using the first grade workbook at a later date. I couldn’t believe it when my daughter went through the kindergarten workbook and said ” mommy this one is just too easy”. I was just amazed. I will definitely be back to Alpine to enroll our second child when she is ready. I only wish the school would continue to at least 3rd grade :).

Maria Grosso

Alpine Montessori of Millburn was the best! This school became our daughters second home, each attended three years of school their (including Kindergarten). Our older daughter received the one-on-one attention needed to develop her fine mother skills and our younger the encouragement to take risks which helped her come out of her shell. The self confidence boost and practical skill development they received at Alpine made the transition to public schools so much easier (our youngest was accepted to three of the three private schools we interviewed at but as a family we decided public education was for us). Alpine teachers were continuously engaged with each students success. We were frequently informed of dynamics developing amongst children or any challenges our daughters might be facing. We discussed collaboratively interventions with our teachers and the overall experience within the school was a partnership geared towards our child’s development. After our youngest graduated from kindergarten we moved out of New Jersey. When we return for a visit Alpine is always top of the list! We highly recommend Alpine Montessori of Millburn to any parent who is looking for a nurturing, dynamic and engaging atmosphere for their child’s early learning and development.

Eliza Danielson

Alpine Montessori school is full of wonderful and genuine people who happen to be great teachers too! I now have two kids attending Alpine and my youngest will go there as well, I highly recommend Alpine! Here is why.

Three years ago I chose Alpine Montessori for my oldest daughter for several reasons; it has a diverse student body, the staff is warm, friendly and knowledgable, the school is in a home and is very inviting, and the classrooms are clean and well organized. Alpine also has good security and I love the Montessori system and the curriculum/program that the school has developed.

I could not be happier with my decision to send my oldest daughter to Alpine. She is now in the Kindergarten program and has grown so much over the last three years. My daughter is doing things in her class that I would not have thought possible three years ago (example: introduction to concepts such as fractions!).My daughter has loved all of her teachers at Alpine and I believe that those strong personal connections are what has allowed her to flourish so much.

The school has been very good about moving my oldest daughter around between classes when she was ready for new challenges. She has SO much fun at school and comes home completely exhausted that she’s usually asleep by 7 pm.

Alpine offers extracurricular activities (dance, music, science) which I take advantage of. This has been wonderful since driving around on the weekdays is a challenge (she has two younger sisters), I appreciate that at Alpine there are always opportunities for parents to volunteer and be involved. To sum it up, I could not be happier with our experience at Alpine. There was one moment this past fall when my daughter needed a small medical procedure and we couldn’t get her in to surgery for almost two months. Knowing that her teacher at Alpine assured me “I will take care of her as if she were my own”. I cried. I know that my daughter’s teacher meant what she said as I have seen her take care of all the kids in this manner.

The owner of Alpine is also very nice and has three kids himself (they are older) so he is very easy to talk to and is always available to parents.

Alpine is a wonderful school for my children and I hope you give it serious consideration for the educational and developmental needs of your child as well.

Yours truly,
Elizabeth Terzić Smith

Elizabeth Terzić Smith

Strengthen Intuitive Learning

The Montessori Method engages children from a young age, offering an intuitive approach to learning during a child’s formative years. At Alpine, our nursery and daycare provide flexible learning at your little one’s pace. Through both play and education, children learn a variety of skills through self-directed learning. With a low teacher/student ratio, your child is guaranteed to get the attention he needs to thrive.

Optimize Creative Independence

At Alpine Montessori of Millburn, our program is designed to hone skillsets in all aspects of life. Instead of a rigid curriculum, we provide children with the opportunity to develop the social, intellectual, and physical skills necessary to navigate through life. With knowledgeable staff always on hand, your little one will be encouraged to independently design solutions and creatively maneuver challenges.

Support Early Development

With an inquisitive nature and insatiable curiosity, a child’s natural state is one of learning. At Alpine Montessori of Millburn, our supportive and caring environment equips children to learn at their own pace and to direct their own progress. A unique way of learning, our program is designed to empower young minds, foster mature independence, and boost early development.

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