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Montessori Kindergarten

Alpine Millburn’s Kindergarten program has been giving 5-year-old and accelerated 4-year-old children the best foundation for their education by fostering the skills and confidence they need to become competent, curious learners. Alpine is committed to supporting your child as they continue the early development essential to their success. Our faculty teaches the “whole child,” focusing on both social and cognitive development while embracing and respecting your kindergartener’s individuality. Our strong academic program emphasizes cooperation, compassion, positive peer relationships, respect for humanity and social etiquette. At Alpine Montessori of Millburn, we foster every child’s natural strengths in a nurturing, non-competitive environment tailored to their individual needs.


Unique Montessori Kindergarten Curriculum

Students in Alpine’s kindergarten program continue to advance their reading skills. The children entering kindergarten have developed strong phonemic and rhyming skills, and are well-equipped to employ consonant and vowel recognition. They continue to work with the Lippincott Letterbook Series, typically completing all 24 volumes by the end of the school year. Reading concepts that we introduce to our kindergarten students include discrimination of accumulated letters and sounds, blending three- to five-letter words and short phonetic sentences, reading short phonetic stories, short and long vowel sounds, writing short phonetic stories, advanced recall of details, refining handwriting skills, and recall of events through coordination of literature activities. Having developed lengthy attention spans, our kindergarten students work individually and in small groups to reach their own reading goals and assist peers who need help. The students also practice advanced cutting, coloring and tracing skills, working independently, and practical life skills.

Children in Alpine Millburn’s kindergarten program also develop advanced math skills. Our kindergarten students work on mathematical concepts such as writing numbers to 100+; counting by twos, fives, tens and hundreds; negative integers; inequalities; place value to the hundredths place; addition, subtraction and regrouping to the hundreds place using Montessori beads; fractions and comparisons; hour, half-hour and to-the-minute time; advanced money concepts like adding, subtracting and counting change; solving word problems, measurement of inches, centimeters, perimeter and area; advanced interpretation of charts, graphs and tables, introduction to roman numerals; and introduction to multiplication. Children typically have mastered first- or second-grade reading skills when they leave our kindergarten program.

Alpine’s kindergarten program is a full-day, five-day-per-week experience. We also offer before-and after-care for children enrolled in our early education program.

Why Parents Choose Alpine Montessori of Millburn

Since 1978, parents have trusted Alpine Montessori of Millburn to provide their children with exceptional early childhood education. By presenting Montessori manipulatives within a traditional learning environment, Alpine Montessori provides an optimal environment for children to hone their strengths in a non-competitive setting tailored to their individual needs.

  • Robust Academics and a strong focus on social and emotional growth help children build the skills for success and prepare them for continued learning.
  • Experienced, Dedicated Teachers meet each child at their stage of developmental needs and provide hands-on lessons and experiences to help prepare them academically, socially, and emotionally for the real world.
  • Small class sizes and a low student to teacher ratio facilitate individualized attention, continuous assessment of each child's progress, and ongoing communication with parents.
  • Individualized Learning provides each child with the opportunity to harness their natural abilities and progress at their own pace.
  • Accelerated pre-K for advanced 4-year-olds who are ready to learn at a kindergarten level.

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