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Alpine of Millburn’s extensive history of providing exceptional early childhood education to two- to five-year-old children has earned us a strong reputation for encouraging every student’s cognitive and social development while embracing their individuality. We foster our students’ well-rounded early childhood development to build a strong foundation for their lifelong success. Local parents consistently recommend us to friends who are looking for an academically rich preschool, pre-K or kindergarten program that encourages self-directed learning in a way that promotes the development of each child’s natural abilities.

Alpine Montessori is an amazing school and was a very pleasant experience for my kits and us. Our kids always had great stories to tell about their day at school. They learned a lot (academics, culture, gardening, and many more). The school also has a great summer camp program.
Rukmani Chaube
Summit, NJ 07901 (Google Reviews)
Over the past 7 years, Alpine has been a haven for my two kids. Each day they’re greeted by excellent teachers, who care for them and educate them not only on academics, but also in life skills — even emotional intelligence. My kids think of Alpine as a home away from home and for that I’m exceedingly grateful! It makes my job as a parent that much easier. At this school my kids have developed into able, confident learners who are well-prepared for all that the Millburn schools can throw at them. 🙂
Jennifer DiDomenico
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Facebook Reviews)
My son was here for 2 years and we are really grateful to the entire staff at Alpine for his wonderful time there. The amount of love, care and personal attention that he received from each of his teachers is beyond words. Everyone was so kind and patient towards such a high energy toddler, disciplining him at the same time- which is commendable. The school focuses on academics as well as life skills which is equally important to us. We hope to be back for our younger kid soon!
Ishrat Fatma
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
Our daughter joined Alpine Montessori – Millburn for Pre-k 4 year class of the 2019-2020 school year. When our daughter first joined Alpine Montessori, she was initially very shy. But gradually she gained a lot of confidence and became more expressive. Even though she joined for a short period, the school had a lasting impression on her. I greatly admired the teaching philosophy of the school, and the teachers took great care of our daughter. They were also very nice to us, the parents. At the end of every week, they gave detailed feedback of my daughters progress and what areas she needed to work on. My daughter loved her school and teachers so much that even during weekends she wanted to go to school! The teaching plan included a nice combination of fun play activities with traditional learning. The Alpine Montessori teachers and staff provided a warm and friendly atmosphere for my daughter to take her first steps in her education. The school and her teachers will definitely have a lasting impression on her, and prepare her for the next phase of her education.

I would highly recommend Alpine Montessori of Millburn to any parents looking for high-quality early-stage education and development for kids.

Muntasir R.
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
We love Alpine and how welcoming they are to our son. Of course we wanted an academic and social environment where he could succeed but they also really care about him and have beautiful, bright classrooms. The positive environment shows and he looks forward to going to school. Can’t wait to send our daughter when she’s old enough.
Loraya Harrington
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
My daughter graduated from Alpine this year (June 2019). I will truly miss the staff here. The teachers are wonderful and dedicated to making sure your child is learning yet having fun while they do so. I purchased two books for my daughter from Barnes and Noble. One was a Kindergarten workbook and the other was a first grade workbook. I was planning on using the first grade workbook at a later date. I couldn’t believe it when my daughter went through the kindergarten workbook and said ” mommy this one is just too easy”. I was just amazed. I will definitely be back to Alpine to enroll our second child when she is ready. I only wish the school would continue to at least 3rd grade :).
Maria Grosso
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
Alpine Montessori of Millburn was the best! This school became our daughters second home, each attended three years of school their (including Kindergarten). Our older daughter received the one-on-one attention needed to develop her fine mother skills and our younger the encouragement to take risks which helped her come out of her shell. The self confidence boost and practical skill development they received at Alpine made the transition to public schools so much easier (our youngest was accepted to three of the three private schools we interviewed at but as a family we decided public education was for us). Alpine teachers were continuously engaged with each students success. We were frequently informed of dynamics developing amongst children or any challenges our daughters might be facing. We discussed collaboratively interventions with our teachers and the overall experience within the school was a partnership geared towards our child’s development. After our youngest graduated from kindergarten we moved out of New Jersey. When we return for a visit Alpine is always top of the list! We highly recommend Alpine Montessori of Millburn to any parent who is looking for a nurturing, dynamic and engaging atmosphere for their child’s early learning and development.
Eliza Danielson
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
Alpine Montessori school is full of wonderful and genuine people who happen to be great teachers too! I now have two kids attending Alpine and my youngest will go there as well, I highly recommend Alpine! Here is why.

Three years ago I chose Alpine Montessori for my oldest daughter for several reasons; it has a diverse student body, the staff is warm, friendly and knowledgable, the school is in a home and is very inviting, and the classrooms are clean and well organized. Alpine also has good security and I love the Montessori system and the curriculum/program that the school has developed.

I could not be happier with my decision to send my oldest daughter to Alpine. She is now in the Kindergarten program and has grown so much over the last three years. My daughter is doing things in her class that I would not have thought possible three years ago (example: introduction to concepts such as fractions!).My daughter has loved all of her teachers at Alpine and I believe that those strong personal connections are what has allowed her to flourish so much.

The school has been very good about moving my oldest daughter around between classes when she was ready for new challenges. She has SO much fun at school and comes home completely exhausted that she’s usually asleep by 7 pm.

Alpine offers extracurricular activities (dance, music, science) which I take advantage of. This has been wonderful since driving around on the weekdays is a challenge (she has two younger sisters), I appreciate that at Alpine there are always opportunities for parents to volunteer and be involved. To sum it up, I could not be happier with our experience at Alpine. There was one moment this past fall when my daughter needed a small medical procedure and we couldn’t get her in to surgery for almost two months. Knowing that her teacher at Alpine assured me “I will take care of her as if she were my own”. I cried. I know that my daughter’s teacher meant what she said as I have seen her take care of all the kids in this manner.

The owner of Alpine is also very nice and has three kids himself (they are older) so he is very easy to talk to and is always available to parents.

Alpine is a wonderful school for my children and I hope you give it serious consideration for the educational and developmental needs of your child as well.

Elizabeth Terzić Smith
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
Our son’s time at Alpine Montessori has been everything my wife and I had hoped for. The affection and attentiveness our 3 1/2 year old receives from the teaching staff is fantastic. Between the experiences he shares with us daily, and what we witness during drop-off, pick up, and school meetings, we know our son gets personal attention and love from the staff. He is never made to feel like a “pack animal” in a group setting. Two years in.. and he’s still getting daily hugs from the teachers. I also constantly see the staff on their knees to be at a child’s height when they talk with the kids. As for the academics, we’ve seen growth in his basic understanding of numbers, letters, shapes, and overall comprehension of basic life skills.. and that’s reflected at home whether at the kitchen table.. or being attentive during book readings. He talks about his “shelf work” and specialized workbooks in his classroom. He also tells us about the celebration the teaching staff gives him when he completes his workbooks. The small school environment has also been great for our son. He’s met new friends and loves going to the library and playground. In short, we could not be happier with Alpine. My wife and I are happy and feel good when we drop off our son at school each morning.. and more importantly, so is our son!
Justin Amador
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
My daughter has been attending Alpine Montessori since she was 2 1/2. This year she will be in the Kindergarten class.We absolutely love this school and its staff. They truly care about your child and constantly go the extra mile. As a parent i cannot ask for better teachers or a better environment. It has been the best introduction to education for my daughter. I wish the school grades would go beyond kindergarten :). I will be truly happy and sad when my daughter graduates. At Alpine it feels like one big happy family who cares about one another. Bottom line – you won’t regret enrolling your child at this school. 🙂
Maria Grosso
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
My son (3 years old) has been here for 6 months and we absolutely love it! The principle and teachers are super nice and warm, which made it very easy for our son to get adjusted after moving across the country. The curriculum is a combination of traditional and Montessori which we really love. My son is very happy here and he is excited to go to school every morning!
Joanne L.
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
My 3rd child in enrolled at Montessori and i have to say- he loves it and we love it! I have tried most of the preschools in the area and this school blew us away. Teachers were warm and caring and the kids learned while still being able to be kids!!
Carly Drum O'Neill
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
My twin boys attended the school and recently graduated. Without any reservation, I can recommend this school to anyone still debating. The owner Mr Madia and his staff are very approachable, kind and thorough. Mrs Stromann and Mrs Lee are amazing. If there is an issue, they resolve it immediately. Cannot say enough about Mrs Morelli, Mrs Abazza, Mrs Palumbo and Mrs Price. They all take personal interest in each and every child.
Ruchika Bansal
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
My daughter was there only for a few months in the 2s class and we loved everything about the school. When we were first browsing schools I asked Mrs. Stroman that my daughter has separation anxiety and will cry a lot when I leave her. She gave me the reassurance that don’t worry when you come to pick her up she will be smiling and it was true. When I went to pick up my daughter she didn’t even want to leave the school. All the teachers at Alpine are amazing Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Morelli, Mrs. Recca, Mrs. Stroman, and the after care teachers. Even the schools owner Gary he is very flexible and works with you in regards to anything.

All the teachers were respectful that we are vegetarian. Mrs. Lee would always ask me before feeding my daughter anything. The level of respect that the teachers have with the students and parents is amazing. Even all the parents of other students they make you feel super welcomed. The PTA is well organized and they always are doing some kind of activity which is great to see.

My daughter has learned a lot from Alpine. We are sad to leave and did not realize we will love Alpine’s community so much. We hope to return soon. If you are thinking to put your child at Alpine Montessori don’t think twice. It is definitely one of the best Schools.

Vaishali Shah
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
We love Alpine Montessori! Both of our children are in Alpine Montessori currently, with our older one graduating this year (if we have more children in the future, they will be in Alpine Montessori!).

The entire school, the teachers and the children/parents feel like a big family; different age groups have many interactions in addition to intra-class interactions, with everyone knowing almost everyone else. Due to this encouraging environment, children are well-socialized, and we have seen very clear advancement of their social skills over time.

The curriculum is well-designed, our children are learning things in a very methodological way, nurturing their natural talents and curiosity with steps of proper sizes (i.e. age-appropriate steps). After a period of time, it is amazing to see how much they have achieved. At the same time, many times our children do not want to leave school in the afternoon – they are having much fun at school.

These are in addition to many activities the school has offered for the children, and the parent-teacher association’s involvement with the school. Our children have been having wonderful lives at Alpine Montessori.

Zhe W
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
My son has been going to this school since he was 2 1/2. It was the first school he ever attended. He cried for 1 month and I was torn to see him cry every morning at drop off. But all the teachers are so nurturing that he was able to stop crying as soon as I left. They took care of him very well and gave him the same love that I give him. He quickly adjusted to the school and made so many friends – it became his second home. Even when he didn’t have school he wanted to go to school and play with his teachers and friends. He attended through kindergarten and had the best education a preschooler can receive. With his strong basics he was more than ready to go to any school and thrive both academically and socially.
Anne Kim
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
Words cannot express how thankful I am to Alpine Montessori and the whole staff/team for having completely transformed my daughter. I must say like all mothers, I went to so many schools and did tours before making that so called “important decision”. The first time I stepped into Alpine Montessori for a tour, I immediately felt that it is definitely going to be the place where I want my daughter to spend the rest of the years till kindergarten. The Director, Sarah and the entire staff are very welcoming. My daughter was a very shy kid and I was extremely worried at the time. I had tried 2 schools before Alpine Montessori for my daughter but she was never happy, always cried for me and I had to go pick her up in the middle of work and was very upset. I still remember her first day at Alpine Montessori, I was in my car waiting for the staff to call me. I was shocked and surprised (certainly pleasantly) when I saw her happily waving good bye while I went to pick her as she ran towards me and hugged me. From that day on, I have never looked back. My second daughter is going to join the school soon and I feel like Alpine Montessori is not simply a school but a “home away from home” for the kids and moms!!!! The parents are wonderful and it is a wonderful community to exchange thoughts and share concerns.
Completely Transformed My Daughter
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
I don’t even know where to begin sharing my love for Alpine: I currently have two children with two polar opposite temperaments enrolled there– my 5 year old daughter who’s been there for two years and my 3 year old son who just started this semester. My husband and I researched a lot of schools in the area. My daughter thrives on expressing herself artistically and with the teacher/student ratio there being so low, they truly tailor each child’s personal journey through the preschool years based on their own interests and gently build upon that as their foundation for learning. Her teachers, especially this year, have been phenomenal– she’s actually graduating in two weeks from Mrs. Stroman’s class and I’m literally an emotional wreck over it. There are those teachers who you look back on with such fondness and realize they shaped you for the better in one aspect or another and Mrs. Stroman has been such a champion and an encouragement for my daughter. Each teacher there is so exceptionally trained that it’s pretty impressive that Gary, the owner, managed to corral this team together because there’s not a weak link in the bunch. At school, the teachers manage each class with such grace: if you walk in during the day, there’s no one screaming or crying, the kids happily sit on their rugs for story-time, there’s polite sharing and independent activities occurring– to be honest, it’s borderline creepy how well every single kid behaves! I had a fear that my son would rock the boat and be too much for their easy going, calm vibes. He’s been in Mrs. Morelli’s class three days a week for the past few months and his behavioral transformation has been incredible to witness. Mrs. Morelli has managed to break-through and reach my son at his individual learning level by nurturing his enthusiasm for music and basic engineering while implementing numbers, shapes and working with others into his tasks. Sending two kids to a private preschool is expensive and our decision to join the Alpine family wasn’t taken lightly. I’ve never once second-guessed or questioned whether the value of our results measured comparably to our financial commitment with the school.
Tana G
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
Our family has been with Alpine for the past 4 years and we can not say enough about how wonderful the school is. My daughter went through all 3 years and my son is now completing his first year at Alpine, and both have had a phenomenal experience. The three years my daughter spent at Alpine, prepared her above and beyond for kindergarten both socially and academically. The school is like a second home to our children and the teachers are so warm and caring. The small student to teacher ratio was really important to us and Alpine gives the kids the attention they need in these very important developmental years. I can not recommend this school highly enough since we have had such a positive experience and have loved watching our children learn and grow!
Christine Rich
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
Our son Aidan has attended Alpine Montessori since he was 2.5 and we have found the school to be an excellent environment for him. The school is very welcoming and allows for an easy transition to a classroom setting for a young child. All of the teachers are extremely warm and caring from the time the children enter the school to dismissal and pick-up. We found the curriculum to be well suited to our son with its mix of both practical life skills and traditional Pre-K subject matter. The school also does a great job of fostering a community environment through a myriad of events (Halloween Parade, Holiday Concert, Book Fair) oriented around the children, as well as separate events that allow the parents to build relationships as well. We always knew that our child would be in good hands with staff at Alpine Montessori, and I know that our son will always treasure the memories of his first school and classmates.
Gough Family
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
My daughter just started her third year (pre-k) at Alpine Montessori, and we feel so grateful to have found this school! The teachers are incredibly nurturing, and I always feel confident they will handle any situation the right way. The environment is homey, which I think helps my daughter to feel comfortable. She comes home excited about her day, and right now can’t wait to learn to read. To have her eager to learn is the biggest success story I can ask for. I look forward to seeing what new discoveries this year will bring her!
Sabrina F
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
Our daughter attended Alpine in the 2s class (youngest) and then the 3s, and we had an excellent experience. The owner and director of the school did a great job communicating / building a community of families. The teachers were warm, available as needed, and provided valuable feedback on our daughter’s learning / growth process.

We are only leaving Alpine because we’re moving to another state, otherwise our daughter and son (now old enough to attend) would be attending again this year.

Ted E.
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
This is our second year with Alpine Montessori and we are extremely happy that we chose this school for our daughter. Every morning, she looks forward to going to school and being with her friends and teachers. From the moment the door is opened and she is greeted, all the way to dismissal she has these stories of amazing things that she does at the classroom everyday.

The teachers really know the children inside out. When the teachers identified that she had an aptitude for math, they have been working with her to keep it interesting and challenging for her. Her social development has been remarkable as well – credit to the teachers and the nurturing environment they provide at the school. The parent community is extremely friendly and close knit as well. We are glad that our child is a part of this community and hopeful that some of the friendships formed is going to out last preschool! Thank you Alpine Montessori for a wonderful experience!

Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
Our son has been at Alpine Montessori since he was 3 (currently getting ready to enter Kindergarten!), and we could not be happier with our decision to send him here. The teachers, director, and management are all outstanding – he has thrived and grown in so many ways. We truly believe it was because of the warmth and dedication of the teachers and staff that our son now loves going to school and comes home smiling everyday. I’ve had the honor of being a class mom at the school for the last two years, so I know first-hand how well the kids are cared for. We are looking forward to another successful year of kindergarten and will miss the school immensely when it is time for graduation!
Mona Mirchandani
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
We are currently in our 5th year at Alpine Montessori. My son attended for 3 years and now my two daughters are there. The school environment is warm and caring and the teachers are wonderful. They let each child succeed at their own pace and take a genuine interest in the children and their development. My son did so well there – he was reading by age 4 and emerged as a confident little boy, ready for 1st grade at public school and I attribute that to the teachers at Alpine Montessori. Now my daughters are there and they actually love going to school! We will definitely stay on through kindergarten – we are lucky and grateful that all our children were able to get such a good start to their education at Alpine Montessori.
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)
As first-time parents, and having our son under the care of a full-time nanny for two years, you can only imagine our trepidation with our decision to enroll our son into a full-time schedule outside of our home. After meeting with the staff and teachers at Summer Orientation, we were feeling good. After the first week of school and seeing our son’s enthusiasm and excitement for his new school, we felt great about our decision. The staff and personnel at Alpine Montessori have been warm, caring, enthusiastic, all the while upholding to the Montessori principles of independence and education. The teachers and staff take great care in our son’s well-being and development. We highly recommend this school and program. It has far exceeded our expectations and we will certainly enroll for another year.
The Dabich-Cortinas Family
Millburn, NJ 07039 (Google Reviews)