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We know you want to give your 2 ½- or 3 ½-year-old child the best possible foundation for their education. Since early development is essential to a child's success, Alpine Montessori of Millburn is committed to honing your child's strengths in a nurturing, non-competitive environment tailored to their individual needs. Alpine's strong academic program emphasizes cooperation, positive peer relationships, social etiquette, compassion and respect for humanity. Our faculty teaches the "whole child," focusing on both cognitive and social development while embracing and respecting your preschoolers' genuine individuality. Since 1973, Alpine's preschool program has been preparing young children for success in pre-K, kindergarten, and beyond by helping them build the skills and confidence they need to become self-sufficient, curious learners.

Unique Montessori Preschool Curriculum

In Alpine's two preschool classrooms, we begin each day with a routine schedule that includes free choice activity, circle and group time, snack, and outdoor play. We also set aside designated days for special activities. At the preschool level, we introduce our unique Montessori curriculum, presenting Montessori manipulatives within a traditional learning environment. Because your preschool-aged child has an innate desire for skills and self-sufficiency, the first tasks we'll introduce are practical life activities. We'll also promote the development of your child's expressive and receptive skills through meaningful language activities that enhance each new experience's learning value. We'll also expose your child to a variety of tactile activities involving numbers, letters, literature, science, art, music, geography, and culture.

We introduce our 3-year-old students to reading readiness skills using the Lippincott Shapebook Series. This series introduces the essential skills and concepts your child needs to continually develop expressive and receptive language, auditory awareness, and cognition, as well as advanced categorization and visual tracking skills. We'll also begin to explore letter/sounds correspondence, alphabet recognition, counting and number recognition, and weather/calendar events. Your child will engage in daily practical life exercises to further advance their left/right correspondence, balance, and upper body coordination. Activities like advanced sorting, pouring, and transferring skills will help develop their pincer grip for future writing activities. We also engage the preschool children in inviting topics for discussion, which helps them develop their critical thinking and information analysis skills as well as their ability to draw conclusions creatively.

For preschool students, we offer a choice of full-or half-day schedule, five days per week, or part-time. We also offer before- and after-care for children enrolled in our early education program.

Why Parents Choose Alpine Montessori of Millburn

Since 1978, parents have trusted Alpine Montessori of Millburn to provide their children with exceptional early childhood education. By presenting Montessori manipulatives within a traditional learning environment, Alpine Montessori provides an optimal environment for children to hone their strengths in a non-competitive setting tailored to their individual needs.

  • Robust Academics and a strong focus on social and emotional growth help children build the skills for success and prepare them for continued learning.
  • Experienced, Dedicated Teachers meet each child at their stage of developmental needs and provide hands-on lessons and experiences to help prepare them academically, socially, and emotionally for the real world.
  • Small class sizes and a low student to teacher ratio facilitate individualized attention, continuous assessment of each child's progress, and ongoing communication with parents.
  • Individualized Learning provides each child with the opportunity to harness their natural abilities and progress at their own pace.
  • Accelerated pre-K for advanced 4-year-olds who are ready to learn at a kindergarten level.

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